European Wolf


I have had this image of a European wolf in my portfolio for sometime now, but still love it and thought it may be

a good addition to my wildlife posts here at wildshots. I travelled to Romania to see the wolf project there.

Here is a good resource page about living with Wolves

“Romania is the only place in Europe where carnivores and livestock
share the same environment in high densities.”

There is some information here about Romanian wildlife.

There are a good concentration of  European Wolves in Latvia also where wolf hunting seasons still continue apparently with a bag limit of 150  animals.

A good amount of information concerning the reintroduction of the European  wolf in Scotland can be found at the

If your ever in Scotland a good place to see wolves for yourself is the Highlands wildlife park at Kingcraig

It seems these animals are a much maligned species with most people scared of them, probably because of the Horror films and

the reported attacks on humans, me I love to hear the howl of a wolf and have always thought reintroducing the Wolf back into the wild

is a great idea, even though the farming community would disagree I suspect.

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