Tree Climbing Lioness


Tree Climbing Lioness

A photograph taken in Tanzania at the Lake Manyara national park. I visited Lake Manyara on our way back from the Serengeti and after visiting the

Ngorongoro Conservation Area which was originally part of the Serengeti.

We were told that the tree climbing lionesses and the male lions were a feature of  Manyara but this is not true as we did see the same behavoiur elsewhere on our travels through the national parks.

Our guide and driver was an excellent guy who knew all the best places to see the photographic delights of  the Tanzanian national parks.

Strangely enough the hotel where we based ourselves was in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro the strange part is

the owner was actually from less than 10 miles away from where I live.

He now unfortunately does not own said hotel and I can’t find any reference to it when searching the internet but I digress.

The trip was cheap compared to the prices I had seen advertised elsewhere and turned out to be more than worth it.

The guide we had was in fact the driver for the hotel and somehow we had managed to get him as our

personal driver for the duration of our trip. Pretty cool!!.

Africa is a fantastic place to visit if you ever get chance, I had a great time and the locals were great fun to get to know.

The  road to the hotel was a twisting affair with massive potholes and very muddy at times, also it was a long way up from any made road

so the driver and the 4 wheel drive vehicle was really a must have, just to get from and back  to the hotel.

Whilst in Africa I made some contacts and revisited twice although not for another Safari.

Whilst staying in Moshi I met the hotel owner again in a bar we shared a meal and he asked me to do some promo shots

of the hotel and rooms in return for free lodgings and a bar tab, who could refuse such an offer. I also did some promo shots for a charity based around the same

area which turned out to be a real eye opener on how hard life can be in Africa. It seems as if the poorest people live in the most beautiful countries in the world.

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