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TFP/CD Models Always Required

TFP/CD Models Always Required

Young Woman In Green Cloak (TFP/CD Models Always Required)

Young Woman In Green Cloak

TFP/CD Models Always Required

Light-play TFP/CD Shoot

Working for time is a co-operation for mutual benefit:
The model puts in her (his) time, resources and effort and the photographer does the same.
No money changes hands. Both, the model and the photographer cover their own expenses and benefit from each other’s skills and talents.
The model’s fee consists of photographic images.
Typically, the photographs are supplied as digital files, either on CD (time for CD or TFCD), for download from the photographer’s website (TFDL, time for download) or, rarely nowadays, as prints (PFT or prints for time, sometimes also called TFP time for prints).

This is a really good way for models to build a portfolio and of course for me to get new models for photographic shoots.

Woodland Scene (Woman In Cloak)

Woodland Scene

Themed shoots can be fun also, so any costumery or outfits you have, for say Vintage shoots or fantasy themed shoots, bring them along plus your own ideas are always welcomed.

Girl Sat On Wall

Girl Sat On Wall

If you are interested contact me !!

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