Spooky Graveyard

Spooky-Graveyard (stock Image)
Spooky-Graveyard (stock Image)

Spooky Graveyard

I wanted an image that conveyed a bit of fear and the apprehension that some people feel when entering spooky graveyard at night.

This was to be an addition my stock image portfolio. An impossible scene to hope to capture in one go.

So I set about creating this image. the first thing I did was create a storyboard, nothing too elaborate but a sketch of the idea which would

represent the photograph I had in mind

This image was created with three different photographs. the first image is the graveyard scene, the second is the sky and the third was an image of a Jackdaw.

The three images were assembled in layers using  Adobe Photoshop.

The image was then dodged and burned to accentuate the light and dark parts of the image.

The image was given a slight blue tone for a night time effect and an image was created..

This Image can be licensed through

Arcangel Images.