Nikon D610 and D5300 Rumoured For Release

The Image below was  taken With Nikon D600

Woman In Woodland (Book Cover Photography)
Woman In Woodland

Nikon D610 And D5300 Rumoured for Release In September or early 2014

The latest rumors are that Nikon will release two new  cameras, namely the Nikon  D5300 and Nikon D610 DSLR cameras. details are still sketchy, but it is said that such an announcement will be within the new company strategy to concentrate on entry level DSLR’s. (Again rumours at this point)

The D5300 will most likely be a marginal improvement over the D5200, maybe with built-in Wi-Fi and GPS (Possibly?)

The D610 is the more interesting possibility. The rumours have it that the main reason behind the D610 release is not so much to introduce new functionality, as to quench once and for all the sensor dust and oil issue that is well documented across the internet.

The rumour mill has it  compared to the  SB-910 flash release  which was spawned simply to fix the overheating issue many people had with the SB-900.

None of the above information has been confirmed yet and are still well, just rumours but a lot of these rumours are based on valid information!!

I own a Nikon D600 and fortunately have not experienced the dust and oil issues for myself, but this does not mean it doesn’t exist, or lessen the reported problems people are having with their cameras. The main gripe about the D600 I have is the fact that all the focus points are squashed into a small space in the centre of the viewfinder.

I also find the battery life to be pretty rubbish also.

If this is Nikon’s way out of admitting they had a problem with the D600, then it is pretty underhanded.

They should admit the problem and repair or replace such faulty cameras.

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Are you a D600 owner? What are your thoughts?