Mysterious Woodland

Mystery Woodland
Mysterious Woodland

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Mysterious Woodland

Mysterious woodland is an image that came about while testing the Pocket Wizard Flex TTL 5 radio set with a

Nissin Di 866 Mark 2. I wanted to see how they worked together even though the flash is not supported by the

Pocket Wizards, at least not on the Nikon fit sets.

I purchased the Nissin after destroying two expensive Nikon flashes on a shoot out on the North Yorkshire moors.

It was a very windy day and the flashes were mounted on solid light stands that were pegged down also.

A gust of wind took them both over at the same time and smashed the feet and the casing of both flashes.

I like using speedlights on location but decided if I am going to keep breaking them then cheaper versions may do the job.

by the way if you are thinking to yourself ” he should have had these insured”

they were but as we all know claiming for equipment does put your premiums up, so I decided to buy the Nissin’s and avoid a claim for now.

In TTL mode the flashes fire at full power but do observe the HSS protocol. Using the AC3 controller the flashes can be brought down by 3 stops

but using the manual mode on the AC3 and setting the flash on TTL gives more control.

At this moment in time I am wondering if the Phottix Odins would have been a better choice.

Anyway I tested the Pocket Wizards at a few distances and settings and found that it is not too difficult to work

around their shortcomings.

Pocket Wizard have stated to me that they may well include more support for third party flashes at a later date,

I suppose they have enough on their plate working on the existing problems they have with these radio triggers.

So as I say the image was created from the tests I did to see if they would work well enough to be viable with my setup and all in all

weren’t too bad, but at times shots were still being missed because of unexplainable erratic behaviour with this setup.

The camera used was a Nikon D3x, I have not as yet tried this combination with my Nikon D880E but hope to

test them out this coming weekend.