Funky Gannet


Funky Gannet

This Image of a Gannet was taken at Bempton Cliffs Last year. I had been

photographing Gannets in flight like most of the big lenses there

when I spotted this guy having an argument with another Gannet that had

decided to spend sometime bombing him and pecking his head. this image was taken mid attack and I thought

it looked pretty funky..

Would love to know what he was thinking at this moment in time. maybe he was thinking about re-taliating or how best

to avoid the attacks of his peer.

Bempton cliffs is a wonderful place to see a vast array of wildlife and birds, well worth a visit anytime

of the year.

There is an abundance of butterflies, wild flowers and a fantastic view from the cliff tops. I tend to visit early

morning before most people are out of bed.

This time of year is especially good for visiting and rarely seen birds.

The sunrises can be very dramatic at certain times of the year and the feeling of space is fantastic

and Oh did I mention the wildlife?