Pheasant In Autumn
Pheasant In Autumn

An image that appeared on Earth shots A few years ago, This Pheasant’s colours

blended and matched the trees Autumn colours perfectly.

I have seen quite a few sales from this image in magazines and also have had quite a few requests for web use.

The image itself was taken very close to home and I have to admit was a bit of a grab shot. One frame and he was gone.

had he been sat anywhere else on the log I could not have got the colours of the autumnal leaves

appearing in the right places ,which both enhance and match the plumage colours.

The morning light was perfect any harsher and it would have burnt out the bright parts of his feathers.

I have cropped the image to lessen the effect of the log on the photograph but it has more appeal as it is

and most people seem to prefer this way also, fortunately for me.

Maybe others that see this image here would like to leave some feedback if so use

the comment form below. Always good to hear from a wider audience.