Capture One Pro 7

Capture One Pro 7

PhaseOne have updated CaptureOne 6.4 to version 7. I for one am a bit bummed by this payed upgrade as I only bought the software in August. Apparently if you purchased version 6 less than a month ago it is a free upgrade. If not it is a €99.0 upgrade.

It seems the cut of date for the free upgrade to version 7 is 26/Sept/2012, so I expect there will be quite a few put out by this.

I tried version 7 as a trial and found quite a few initial problems, on my machine if I open a folder full of .NEF files it only displays about a 1/3 rd of the folder images, leaving the rest as blank squares with no information about the image showing. I haven’t gone into it any further than that and removed it from my machine.


I tried Capture One Pro 7 again and found that by turning of OpenCL the thumbnails all loaded and also that the program was more responsive on my machine. After comparing the costs of buying say PhotoNinja from PictureCode versus the latest C1 Pro, that I was better of upgrading. The Picturcode purchasing model is for a yearly subscription of $99.00 to continue with updates after a year. I purchased my C1 pro upgrade for €69.00. I have to say that Capture One Pro 7‘s new conversion engine is very good.

So decision made.

I will be using Capture One Pro 7 extensively over the next few weeks and trying out the new features the program offers, not least of which is cataloguing of images

Update 2

It seems there is a Beta version designated 7.02 being tested at the moment offering excellent raw conversion for the Fuji X-Trans sensor. This will be very good news for those with the alleged water-colour effect seen in images coming from Adobe Lightroom and Silkypix to some degree.