Shy African Girl

Nominee Image Shy African Girl
Shy African Girl

Shy African Girl

This photograph was taken in Tanzania whilst out on an outreach program with a Local Orphanage

called Light In Africa. she was really a very  Shy African Girl

I entered the image into the black and white spider awards and gained a Nominee certificate for the image.

This was the  6Th Annual competition.

I have not entered any of these competitions since then as my opinion on competitions

of this nature have changed and I do not believe they offer any real exposure for the photographers

who gain any titles through such entries.

My thoughts about these Photography comps are that they make good money for the organisers but gain no real

credibility for the authors of the winning images, they are more for self esteem I suppose rather than the expected gains offered. I also gained Nominee certificates in

previous competitions such as the Masters Cup  (International Color Awards) this one is run by the same people as the Black and White Spider Awards.