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Superb Starling

Superb Starling



Continuing in the wildlife vein, todays image is of a Superb Starling

very common bird, the only way to avoid seeing it in Kenya is to keep your eyes permanently closed.

In suitable areas it’s quite often seen in company with the less common Hildebrandt’s Starling. It’s quite easy to miss the Hildebrandt’s because of the considerable similarity between the two birds.

The Superb Starling differs from Hildebrandt’s in having white, not red, eyes and a white breast-band.

The colour and markings can be, or seem to be, quite variable. In some lights the entire head, back and wings can seem to be a glossy blue with no markings at all.

Although it is a common bird in both Kenya and Tanzania, it is still a very fetching bird with a colourful plumage.


18cm. A small, short-tailed starling with a distinctive plumage.

Black head

Iridescent blue-to-green back, upper breast, wings and tail

Red-orange belly separated from the blue breast by a white band

White undertail-coverts and wing linings

Cream iris

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