Sunrise and Parasol.


 I love drama in an image,drama created with light and dark. the sun provides such drama at sunrise. (not so much this summer in the UK, rain prevails ad-nauseum )

The model provides the peaceful serenity of being alone on the beach watching the sunrise over the sea.

This image was taken around 4-30 am. I was hoping for a less clear sky as the sun rose, but as everything else, nothing happens on demand.

As usual it was a rush to get on the beach, after setting off early (too early) we arrived to find the sunrise happening happening already.

The pre dawn light had disappeared and was already giving way to the full blown sun. Most of the red sky was turning blue

and just leaving a  strip  of red orange glow on the horizon. I managed to get a few frames and poses before it

all turned blue. I hate a solid blue sky, no atmosphere at all.

I had planned to light up the subject with off camera flash, but the wind was blowing and gusting unexpectedly, and with time against us

that didn’t happen.

I used the sun to light the red Parasol and the red cloth panel which obviously left the model in


Still I like the way the image turned out. It was then back to car for sandwiches and a coffee from the flask, not the best but great after being on a cold windy beach.

This image as usual can be licensed through

Arcangel Images 

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