Sanho Updates iUSBport App

Sanho Updates iUSBport App


Sanho have updated the application for iUSBport camera control to version 1.54. The app now has a redesigned interface and for the short time I could see the App interface, they have also added a histogram.

Unfortunately for me the App crashes whenever I take an image.

Initially when joining the network with my iPad, the firmware on the iUSBport camera control unit (CameraMator) is updated over wifi.

This part went without a hitch.

I then proceeded to test the unit with the IOS App, the live view screen showed up perfectly and touching the screen focused the camera on the part selected, also now a focus rectangle shows exactly where the focus point is (Something that was missing in the previous version)

Taking an image seemed to work initially, with a .Nef image showing up on the film strip.

On trying to load the image for viewing to access sharpness etc, the App crashed.

I then changed the camera settings to take a raw image on the SD card and a basic small jpeg on the secondary CF slot.

On taking a photo the filmstrip showed an image with a raw.jpeg extension which on trying to load said image into the viewer the App again crashed

After restarting everything again I gave it another try and again the App crashed, so as far as I am concerned the IOS app is still unstable and unusable with my Nikon D800E.

The web App on the other hand seems to be a lot more stable and useable, with everything working as advertised. Using the settings for a small basic jpeg on the CF card, only a jpeg loads on the film strip, which can then be loaded to view in the viewer without problems..

I applaud Sanho for taking over the support of the so far ill fated CameraMator, but it seems that more testing is required before releasing applications that simply do not work correctly.

Maybe the problems are camera specific so anybody reading this who has had success with their cameras and the iUSB camera control app  leave a comment, maybe it can be narrowed down to just certain cameras showing problems.

I am sure that eventually they (Sanho) will get it right as they certainly seem to be standing behind the product, but so far for me and my camera the IOS App is still unuseable.


After contacting Hyper Support, I received a very quick reply explaining the reasons for the crashes.

“Are you using iPad 2?
The reason I ask is because iPad 2 is unable to handle the 36 megapixel image taken by the Nikon D800E, hence the app will crash.
Right now when you record both raw and jpg, we are obtaining the 36 megapixel jpg preview image within the raw file.
The reason why we are using the jpg preview within the raw file instead of the actual jpg is because if both raw and jpeg are shot at the same resolution, the  jpg preview within the raw file has a smaller file size and will transfer faster than the actual jpg.
In the next version 1.6 which will be available in 1-2 weeks, we will set the app to use the actual jpg instead of the jpg preview of the raw file.
In version 2.0 which will be available in 3-4 weeks, we will allow the user to determine whether to use the actual jpg or jpg preview.
Meanwhile for your case, you can either use the iPad 3 or 4 or shoot in jpg/raw that has smaller than 36 megapixel resolution to prevent the crashing issue.”
Sure enough this worked perfectly reducing the raw file size to the 1.2 setting makes the App work perfectly
Now waiting patiently for the next update. I have to say that the support from Hyper is quick and concise, a very unusual trait these days.

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