Reikan FoCal

FoCal Screenshot
FoCal Screenshot

Reikan FoCal

This software from Reikan is an AF microadjustment calibrator and lens performance testing software.

I heard about Reikan FoCal on forums around the web when it was in it’s early stages of production.

When I actually bought the software and tried to calibrate two of my lenses to my Nikon D3 I found it to be less than stellar.

It went through all the testing and after a while came up with an optimum setting for AFMA (Auto Focusing Micro Adjustment). I found that after making the adjustments recommended by FoCal

that my real world shots just didn’t match what the software had decided was the best setting.

I thought to myself no problem this is early stage software maybe later versions would improve the algorithm  used and maybe modified test charts would be released, so I wasn’t too worried.

I have used all the updates released so far and never found it to be of any real use, unless you just like photographing test charts and seeing the results on a computer screen.

I stuck with it though and hoped things would change with the next update.

The latest update for the plus version of the software is 1.6 so I upgraded to the said version to try yet again and see what could be achieved.

Unluckily for me it wouldn’t run at all, nothing,nada,zilch. So I un-installed the program completely  and re-installed it hoping that would cure whatever was stopping the program running, in short it didn’t.

As the program relies on the Microsoft .Net 4 framework to run I thought that maybe this was where the problem may lay, so I uninstalled the .Net 4 and FoCal then re-installed both Focal and .Net 4.

Still I had the same problem so I decided to email Reikan maybe they could help. I sent the email asking if there was a known problem, my reply was from a new helpdesk where a ticket was opened, I was sent login details to see how my help ticket was progressing.

I received a reply asking what was happening (splash screen showing,program opening then quitting?)

I replied and stated that nothing was happening no start up and no response from the program at all.

The reply from the helpdesk was slow in coming back and stated that my ticket was now closed and they hoped my problem was resolved!!! what?

I logged in and re-opened the ticket as I had not received any help at all, so my ticket was re-opened.

Two days later I received another email stating the same thing my ticket was closed

“Your Ticket #150 – {Problem with FoCal} – Will Not Run –  has been closed.

We hope that the ticket was resolved to your satisfaction. If you feel that the ticket should not be closed or if the ticket has not been resolved, please reply to this email.

Reikan Technology Support Team”

So not only am I un-impressed with the actual program, but also their help desk it seems leaves a lot to be desired. I haven’t bothered replying and will just have to put my cost of entry to FoCal down  to a loss and move on.

If you want to buy into the FoCal way of fine tuning your autofocus system go here.

As for me I have removed the software from my computer and do not expect to hear from them again even though I paid good money for the software.

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