RedEdge Images

Two images from my small collection at RedEdge Images

RedEdge Images

RedEdge Images now represent a new collection of my images for creative stock specifically for book covers.

I have now submitted images and been accepted as a contributor at  RedEdge Images

My as yet small collection can be seen at this url

 Red Edge images is a boutique image library which evolved from The Gailans Collection to supply high quality images to publishers worldwide, mainly for fiction book covers.

I am looking forward to working with RedEdge images in the future and building a good and saleable collection of book cover images.

“At Red Edge, we don’t like ‘stock photography’. What we like is original photography with a commissioned feel to most of the images. We love atmospheric, evocative, eye-catching, creative photography. But that should come as no surprise since both the partners are photographers with many years experience of photography for publishing and advertising.”

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