PhotoDirector-7. Latest Camera Format and Lens Support

“PhotoDirector-7 offers an extreme blend of features that goes far beyond what you would normally expect to find in photography software. Simplified photo management tools combine with powerfully easy-to-use yet sophisticated adjustment and editing options that offer a complete, end-to-end photo editing and management solution.”


Skin ToneAdjustments


Body Shaping Tools

Face Beautification Tools
Face Beautification Tools

This program by Cyberlink was another image editing program that came on my radar in my search for a new and hopefully good image editor. I downloaded the 30 day trial from Cyberlink  here. (Available for Windows and OS X)

Installation was straightforward and presented no problems.

Organising and Importing Photo’s

The software offers several ways to import your photos, whether they are located on your camera, removable media or your hard drive. The application does not

allow you to import images  straight from your scanner.
You can batch edit your photos as you import them,  the program also checks for duplicate photos so you don’t finish up with  multiples of images taking up space.

Before you import the images you also can add tags, preset filters or rename your image files.

Under the Library tab, you can customize how you want to organize your photos. Whether you organize your photos by keyword, category, calendar date or rating, the software displays thumbnails of your images. The metadata for your photos, including EXIF and IPTC information, displays along the left side of the screen.

Here you can gather information about a photo’s dimensions, shutter speed, aperture, exposure bias, exposure program, metering mode and focal length.

The application also helps you organize photos by tagging the people in them using faces.

The CyberLink PhotoDirector-7 contains a wide array of new features, which demonstrate significant PhotoDirector-7 improvements from the previous version of the software.

 Photo Director 7  now has blur tools that will make it easier to blur backgrounds and  have a focal point in your image.

It also has new  beautification tools, such as Face Sharper, Eye Bag Removal, Shine Removal, and Eye Enlarger,all very useful tools, including the body reshaping tool.

These new tools will provide you with more freedom in editing photos.

All this having been said is Photodirector-7 the new killer software for image editing.

Well for people who have never used other software I think it can be a very useful tool,

the content aware removal tool was a bit laggy on my machine as well as a few of the other tools I used in my testing of PhotoDirector-7,

but that could be down to my machine.

I did find the raw editor to have  a good interface and all the required tools in place, such as noise reduction,adjustment and selection brushes.

you can also use the EXIF data from your shots to instantly and accurately fix common lens flaws, such as  barrel distortion, vignetting and chromatic aberration. If there is no profile for the lens used

it may be  possible to download it from Cyberlink’s Director Zone.

PhotoDirector-7 also has one click presets similar to Photoshop actions, you can use the built in presets,create your own or download them from  within the program, you can also share your own presets also within PhotoDirector-7.

All in all a very good image editing solution from image organising to editing images end to end right from a well supported array of cameras.

The full list of supported raw files can be found here


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