Eagle Owl Portrait

Todays wildlife image post is an Eagle Owl Portrait I did quite a while ago. I really like these animals they are a fantastic subject for photographers

with their massive eyes, they make for a good image.

These birds are very distinct in their features and most Owls have feathers designed for silent flight.

Some facts about these creatures can be found here.

Their eyes and vision are very special and information on their eyes and workings can be found here.

The Owls have their eyes set in the front of the face. Their eyes are very large in comparison to their head, and instead of being round like ours, are pear-shaped. What we see is the small part of the eye.

The biggest part at the back of the eye has a lot of room for special light-receiving rods in the retina. This allows the owl to see well in low light conditions.

Because of the shape of the eye, their eyes are fixed in the skull and cannot move up or down or side to side.

This of course makes the owl at risk to attacks from behind, but a special neck mechanism allows the head to turn around very quickly.

Owls’ eye colour can give an indication as to its activity time. An owl with very dark eyes is normally active at night (nocturnal), an owl with yellow eyes is active during the day (diurnal), and an owl with orange eyes is active at dawn and dusk (crepuscular).

There are some exceptions to this rule though.

All in all this makes them a great predator and whatever they are hunting will most usually lose out.

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