Nikon Retro Add Campaign

Nikon : It’s in my hands again

Nikon New Retro Add Campaign



The final Video in this series. An announcement is expected November 5Th

November 5Th it appears will be the announcement date and all will be revealed…

The new Nikon Retro add campaign seemingly leading to the release of a new retro styled Nikon camera is underway. It appears that a series of videos will be released headed as Pure Photography?

Nikon seem to  be the latest camera company to turn out a retro-style DSLR in what appears to be a new “Pure Photography” ad campaign. In the first of five videos, a photographer is seen snapping pics of the Scottish countryside.

The camera is never seen, the viewer can clearly hear the sound of a shutter clicking,

A new Nikon micro-site shows the video with the text  “Nikon presents a series of short movies depicting a photographer roaming through Scotland with a camera as his only companion. Discover how he reunites with his creative self during this uniquely ambitious trip.”

It appears that the camera could be coupled with the Nikon 50mm f/1.8G.

Well I for one won’t be buying into this latest Nikon camera as my D800/E sit’s on a  Nikon repair bench once again. Hopefully getting my camera back to what it should have been the last time it was repaired. Fujifilm and Panasonic have already gone down this route with retro styled cameras this must be why Nikon fell the need to do the same.

Fujifilm had great success with the X100 and Panasonic launched the  Lumix GX7 Micro Four Thirds camera. I have to admit I own the Fujifilm X100 but haven’t really used it that much and will probably be boxing it up and selling it on. The idea is a good one for sales, but not nearly as good for the photographer using them, I find these styled cameras to be a ok for a pocket carry around camera, also street type photography but not what I would use for serious photography.

I am personally hankering after a medium format back such as the PhaseOne system, but it is still only a pipe dream…..

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