My Poor Experience With Nikon Repair Service UK (D800/E)

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Having had an accident whereby my Nikon 14-24 2.8 lens and my Nikon D800/E fell over on the tripod landing squarely on the front of the lens, I had to send both items to Nikon service for repair. As an NPS member I expected the pro-track repair to be at least done correctly if not quickly.

First the lens is awaiting parts so I asked if my camera could be repaired and sent back to me while the lens is on hold. I was told the camera could be repaired and would be done A.S.A.P.

This morning I received my camera, so the first thing is to check it. Scuffing and loss of paint on the body near the battery chamber is still there, the viewfinder is dirty inside and the worst thing is that even though the camera focuses correctly the viewfinder is blurry no matter how much I adjust the diopter.

So a phone call to NPS service is made. I am told that this must have happened in transit (absolutely no way) the camera was well packed inside the original box with bubble wrap and polystyrene chips around it.

The repair list states that the bayonet mount was replaced and the focus and such things as playback,delete image,record image were checked as well as clean as required.

As far as I can tell nothing more than replace the bayonet mount has been done and this cost £200.00.

To return the camera has to be at my own cost and be again without my main camera while it is repaired is a joke as far as I am concerned.

I have read with interest complaints from people about Nikon service repairs and took them with a pinch of salt, as those with repair problems will always shout louder than those without, well it seems I was wrong.

I am now dreading what my 14-24mm 2.8 lens will come back like and am contemplating what best to do about getting my camera repaired. I am thinking I will probably find somewhere local and pay for the repair to be done correctly and efficiently which is obviously not the way Nikon prefer to do things.


While shooting at night (the first time since I had my camera repaired) I noticed a scratch on the focusing screen that was definitely not there before the camera was repaired. !!

Heard nothing yet as to when the 14-24mm lens will be repaired, still listed as “awaiting parts that will arrive shortly”

Anyone else like to share their experience  with Nikon repair services. good or bad.?

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