Nikon D800E First Impressions

Church, taken With A Nikon D800E
Church, taken With A Nikon D800E

Nikon D800E

I really wasn’t going to weaken and buy a new camera, but I am a sucker for new tech. The D800E is a  36 megapixel camera with a modified Bayer filter so I thought this just had to be good.

Well for me yes and no, I am very used to the D3 series of Nikon cameras and the balance and weight of them feels right in my hands while shooting.

The D800 is a lot smaller and lighter and without the seriously overpriced battery grip it just doesn’t feel right.

I miss the portrait mode shutter button and having the controls where I need them so I will have to get a grip. (Pun Intended)

Also the multi selector on the back of the D800 seems to stick out further and when I am shooting the focus point

dances around the viewfinder as my face brushes against it. Some of the controls have been shifted and focus mode button has been changed.

But I am sure I can get used to these things in time.

The files created by the D800E are really good though so the change could well be worth it.

Fortunately I have had no problems with the focusing system as has been reported on many of the forums and no buttons have as yet fallen off.

The new autofocus system seems very snappy and also the auto white balance seems improved over the D3 series.

Something else I need to get used to is the sound from the shutter it doesn’t have the solid thunk I expected to hear after years of using

my D3’s.

I haven’t really shot the camera in earnest yet so won’t try to go into an in depth review until  I have.

but suffice to say this is going to be an interesting transition.

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