Morning Walk

 Morning Walk

an image of a woman walking on lonely rural road
Early Morning Walk

This image of a woman taking an early morning walk or is it at dusk?, on a rural road is a stock image

of mine which can be licensed through RedEdge Images.

This is one of many images I have now taken with my Nikon D800E. I am really getting to like this camera.

The images it is capable of producing are  excellent  in both sharpness and colour.

The light in this particular image was faithfully reproduced in camera, creating the almost painting like look of the old masters style.

The shine on the road was also faithfully reproduced

The frost on the lean to roof and the smoke coming from the country cottage chimney are exactly as they looked when I pressed the shutter.

This particular day I had accidentally left the settings in the camera at  jpg fine, which I normally never do as I like to edit my images from raw files.

The white balance was in auto, also something I usually never do, I prefer a manual white balance.

I was pleasantly surprised at the results.

Maybe the jpg settings should be used more often !!

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