Massive NHS Blunder

Massive NHS Blunder..

This is a sad story of what can go wrong so quickly after thinking everything was going to be ok, My partner Ann had Leukaemia but everything seemed to be going well. This is what happened.

Massive NHS Blunder

I am putting this story on my blog as it relates to me personally, I hope in some way it may help others to find this story and maybe get in touch if you have had a similar experience.

I find it too difficult to write about at the moment hence the link to the article the papers ran..



2 Replies to “Massive NHS Blunder”

  1. Dear John,

    May I start by saying; I was very sorry to hear about your partner. I so hope that she is starting to improve….For what its worth my thoughts are with you both; as they would be for anyone in their time of need.

    Request for advice; My parents run a castle in Scotland (Castle Menzies). I took some photo’s of the castle with my Nikon D70 for use by my girlfriend ( an illustrator). I however also passed digital images to my Father ( The Castle Manager). I gave him permission to use the photo’s for ‘ Castle Promotion’ in connection with Weddings and events. As far as I was concerned the Castle is a trust and as such I am more than happy to contribute to supporting in my own small way my Dad and the trust.

    I now learn that a photo has been passed on by the Trust to a Graphic Designer and is now the front cover of a soon to be published Book by author Quintin Jardin ( its due to be published in the Autumn by ‘Headline’)

    My parents are struggling financially; as they were forced to sell their 12 bedroom Hotel during the recession (but due to a council legal blunder have not been able to complete the sale and are thus left having to make interest payments on a dead asset). They now work to manage the castle; but are struggling…..

    I take photo’s for myself/ or to help my friends…but have never sold one. If my skills and work are being used without my direct permission; I have not been approached; and have only been made aware of the intention to use my imagery ( I belive a couple of runs of books may have already been printed) what would your views be on at least securing some form of payment for the work.

    Your advice and perspective would be appreciated;

    Kind regards

    Craig (0780 372 9114)

  2. Sorry john

    Just realised my comment ( just submitted) relates directly to the Article….I feel like such an idiot

    Thought this was just a general email enquiry….

    Apologies for any offense caused.



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