Long Walk Home


Long Walk Home

This image was someone else’s idea, and I assume most photographers will realise that during a photo session

trying to understand exactly what someone wants in an image is to say the least difficult sometimes.

Anyway being an accommodating kind of guy  I tried to follow the on the fly instructions for the requested image as best I could.

There was drama in the sky and the long road ahead over the moors, nice light so after a few images I got back to what the intended shoot was all about.

When I got home I loaded the images onto my computer and began the normal culling of the lousy images such as missed focus, blurry images and just no good images.

I nearly deleted this image but I then remembered the request that had inspired the shot, so I set about editing it.

This is the image I finished up with. It is an image I kinda like, mainly because of the drama in the light and sky.

After I had looked at it for awhile and considered the many meanings the image could have it grew on me.

Most of all the client liked it so that’s all that matters in the end.

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