Lady With Wolf

Lady With  Wolf

After the shoot the other night I have got to editing some more of the images. Lady With Wolf is probably not an Imaginative enough title.

Anyone who can think of something better?

I rather like the outcome of this one, the wolf,moon and the fantastic model helped me create this image.

Lady And The Wolf (Book Cover Photography)
Lady And The Wolf

I always enjoy creating this kind of image, slightly impossible but yet beleivable ?

What do you think too much? or Just enough.

Everybody has their own thoughts about Photoshop edited images but this shot which was taken as the sun fell behind the horizon seems to lend itself to a bit of fantasy editing….

Comments about the image are welcome

The second image in the series of Lady With Wolf

Lady,Lamp And Wolf
Lady,Lamp And Wolf

Maybe not as much going on but I like the completed edit, I still find blending images very  rewarding if the outcome matches the vision of the initial drawing board for which the  image

was created…

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