iUSBport CameraTM

iUSBport CameraTM


Having got my hands on one of these devices (formerly CamerMator a kickstarter project), I changed the firmware to the Sanho offering from here.

It looked promising as they were offering a web app and also an IOS App (from the Apple App Store). I think it is excellent that Sanho

are offering support for a device that seems to be doomed as far as the original idea is concerned. I have mentioned in previous posts that the app for the original CameraMator is no longer free, also that the original developer (Wooblue) appear to be releasing the unit under a new name of Camnexus with the promise of better,more and new applications.

So where does this leave the unfortunate soles who backed the project and haven’t as yet received their units, as yet nobody seems to know. Sanho have promises of updates for both Android,IOS and their web app.

All these Apps seem to have timelines of next week if one reads their blog, these promised updates have in fact exceeded this timeline. The app’s that are available are for me at least buggy and unuseable as the applications crash,refuse to import images or import the same image twice and then crash.

For an item carrying this kind of price tag I for one find it unacceptable, as I am sure do many others who find themselves in the same position.

I have emailed Wooblue with no reply forthcoming, I also have asked about the upcoming applications from Sanho.

Sanho  stated that the Android App due to be released “next week” is actually under development putting it one to two month’s away making it a very long week.

Sanho did say that the IOS app update has been submitted to the app store and is awaiting approval. One can only hope it is a great improvement on the original app.!!

What Is CameraMator

So far it seems that cam ranger  is the clear winner for wireless tethering as from what I have read and seen the software is far more slick ,reliable and better supported at this point in time.

Maybe future updates will change this, I am sure that many people who have these so far failed units live in hope.

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