Goshawk Portrait

Goshawk Portrait


The Goshawk is a well-built hawk that is widespread but scarce and elusive bird that is usually found in woodlands.

They look like a large Sparrow-hawk, but in fact the female Goshawk is about the size of a Buzzard and the male Goshawk is slightly bigger than a female Sparrowhawk.

Both sexes have close horizontally barred underparts and a broadly barred grey tail. The broad whitish eyebrows (supercilia) and piercing orange eyes make the Goshawk evil-looking. The cere (flesh at the base of the bill) is greenish-yellow and the legs are yellow.

The male (or tercel) is smaller than the female and has a dark patch behind the eye that makes it appear even more fearsome. The female (or falcon) is browner than the male and is the heaviest bird of the genus Accipiter.

The birds eyes were intriguing the bright orange colour begged for attention. the slight catch-light in the eye is from natural light.

The blurred background is actually partially a wall and some ivy growing up it.

A 70-200mm 2.8 lens was used at 2.8 to reduce Depth of Field.

Juveniles are paler and browner, with teardrop marks on its underparts and greenish eyes.

The image was a commission for the raptor’s owner and the finished article was 20 x 30 inch canvas print for the clients wall.

Various images were presented to the client such as the bird in flight and full length portraits, this was the client’s pick.

More Info from the RSPB

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