Golden Eagle

Portrait of a Golden Eagle
Portrait of a Golden Eagle

 Golden Eagle

Todays image post is a portrait of  a Golden Eagle. This was taken in North Yorkshire and is an image  of a captive bird.

It had to be taken through glass as the Eagle was very restless on the day I went to photograph him.

The chances of getting close enough in the wild, to get an image like this is as rare as the bird itself.

More info on this raptor here.


In The wild the golden eagle prefers open, treeless areas to lowland woods.

Because of the climate in western Scotland, these upland conditions are present down to sea level and golden eagles are found there at lower altitudes than in central Scotland.

Golden eagles are sensitive to human disturbance and build their nests in remote, inaccessible places. Their territories range in size from 5 – 150 km2. In some areas of Scotland, the breeding density is among the highest in the world and territories are very small.

Golden eagles in Scotland do not migrate and will remain in their breeding territories throughout the year.

Young and non-breeding birds avoid occupied territories in their search for suitable breeding areas.

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