Expert Shield Screen Protector

Expert Shield Screen Protector.

Expert Shield Screen Protector
Expert Shield Screen Protector

Having found myself on the market for a screen protector for both my Apple iPad Mini and my Nikon D800, When I was approached to review the   Expert Shield Screen Protector Brand, I jumped at the chance.

I have to say that when it comes to screen protectors of any description I am ham fisted when it comes to installing them, I seem to attract air bubbles from all corners of the universe. They land on the underneath of the screen protector with total disregard for my attempts to avoid them.

Micro dust appears from the atmosphere and covers my screen in bits invisible to the naked eye, but very visible when said screen protector is laid on top of it.

So before fitting the Expert Shield screen protector I googled ways to avoid this happening.

In doing so I came across this method on U tube. This method really helps with the alignment of the screen protector.

After rigorously cleaning the screen on my Ipad mini, then checking again to make sure it was clean. I applied this method of installation.

strangely enough it worked very well and I only ended up with one or two air bubbles which were easily squeezed out using a credit card before removing the top cover.

I used the same method to fit the screen protector to my D800 and again all worked out well with the installation.

I have not yet seen any scratches or blemishes appear on the protector and I have wiped it a few times to clean of sweat and dirt that accumulates on the screen, even sand from shooting on the beach.


Expert Shield Screen Protector
Expert Shield

So in conclusion I rate these screen protectors, but as always with these things it is a matter of adhering  to tried and tested methods of installation.

Taking shortcuts or rushing these things as always can end up in disappointment.

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