DTSE D800 MB-D12 Grip

Having found myself wanting a vertical grip for the Nikon D800 and not wanting to pay the ridiculous price for the Nikon branded grip,

I found the DTSE grip on Ebay from a seller in China

DTSE MB-D12 Grip and Box
DTSE MB-D12 Grip and Box

The grip comes complete with a non branded EN-EL18A battery and the battery door to fit the grip.

Two battery trays are supplied with the grip, one for the EN-EL 15 and one AAA battery tray.

Reportedly the trays and batteries are interchangeable with the original Nikon grip.

Along with a mains charger the EN-EL18A battery insert comes a car charger also which is a welcome accessory indeed.

The original Nikon battery has a capacity of 2000 mAh (10.8V), but the DTSE clone battery has a 3900 mAh (11.1V) capacity.

When I tested the battery and grip the video function of the camera does not work, but live view shooting does.

I have seen reports of

neither operation working with this grip when the clone battery is inserted.

Clone Battery and Chargers
Clone Battery and Chargers

DTSE D800 MB-D12 Grip

Thankfully all operations function fine when using both  the EN-EL15 battery in the grip or the  AAA tray.

This leads me to assume that the clone battery is perhaps over  or under powering the live view section of the camera.

All in all though I find the DTSE Vertical grip to be a good substitute for the Nikon MB-D12 grip.

I would recommend this grip as a fine alternative.

The build quality is good and it appears to be well made, the grip matches the body mottling of the D800

It also has the metal strip inside for tripod mounting. the controls all function a they should do and feel positive in use.

The locating pin is made of metal the same as the original.

The only thing that does not seem as good as it could be is the  tightening wheel this is because it

remains slightly loose to the touch when the grip is fully tightened onto the D800 body.


I have found that when an EL15 A is inserted in the camera while using the grip, the live view and movie mode functions

both work as expected, when powered from the grip with the clone EN-EL18.

The battery life of the supplied clone EL-EN 18 is proving to be excellent.

4 Replies to “DTSE D800 MB-D12 Grip”

  1. Hi found your details about DSTE battery grip for my D800, I agreed that Nikon owe brand cost too much, I found out that EL EN 18 battery have more power then EL EN 15 nkon battery, would it may damage to D800 due to higher volts?

    I cannot get it UK ebay. where did you found from?

    Kind regards david

    1. Hi David

      I have had Zero problems with the Battery or grip. The battery actually lasts a very long time. I purchased mine through a Chinese seller on Ebay. His user ID is timebest2011, it was a non problematic purchase and they were very good answering any questions I had about the grip..


  2. I use this grip with one en el15 in my d800 and one in the battery grip but lately it’s been playing up. When I insert either magazine into the grip and turn the latch to lock it in the camera goes dead,if I half turn it it works fine or if I don’t put a battery in the grip magazine and just use one in camera it works fine?? Heap of rubbish this battery grip is in my opinion

    1. Sorry to hear your having problems with your battery grip. The one I have is still going strong and works fine in both my D800 and D810. Has something got a bit of dirt on it or got shifted out of alignment?

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