iUSBportCamera (Cameramator Reborn)

iUSBport Camera
iUSBport Camera

CameraMator Update

Following the original app being pulled for this device by Woodblue, Sanho have now taken over development of the software required

to run it.

A firmware update and the new apps for IOS can be found on the HyperShop webpage.

Sanho have released a web app for the device and also a Mac OSX script.

Windows and Android support is to follow late this week.

Sanho Corp Launches iUSBportCAMERA

Wireless Tether For Canon/Nikon DSLRs To iPad, iPhone, Android devices
Turn Mobile Devices Into DSLR Remote Control And High Resolution Viewer

Monday, March 11, 2013 LAS VEGAS, NV – Sanho Corporation (WPPI 2013 Booth #1675), creator of the award-winning HYPER line of mobile and photo accessories, today announced the introduction of the latest member of the iUSBport family: iUSBportCAMERA, the innovative new wireless DSLR Remote Control and Live Viewfinder for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

iUSBportCAMERA turns mobile devices into both an advanced wireless remote control with access to advanced features of DSLR cameras, and a wireless high-resolution photo viewer to share and review photos beyond the camera’s viewfinder, allowing for increased mobility, productivity and accessibility. Photographers have the added option of sharing photos with clients or other viewers instantly and can better execute challenging shots where the camera must be placed in difficult to reach positions.

“iUSBportCAMERA gives photographers increased capabilities, by enabling instant photo transfers wirelessly, increased mobility with remote camera control through mobile devices and added collaboration with off-site viewers and more,” said Daniel Chin, CEO of Sanho Corp.

Based on the same technology used in the rest of HYPER’s iUSBport line (iUSBport, iUSBportMINI, iUSBportHD), iUSBportCAMERA connects a camera’s USB port to any WiFi enabled mobile devices, including iOS and Android, as well as Mac and Windows devices. By mounting iUSBportCAMERA directly on a DSLR camera’s hot shoe, any accessory cold shoe mount or standard tripod and connecting to a camera’s USB port, photos taken become instantly available on a personal device for easier review, or on a remote device, allowing for collaboration and input from off-site viewers.

In addition to cameras, iUSBportCAMERA, like the rest of the iUSBport line, can also connect to any USB mass storage device like USB flash and hard drive to wirelessly stream media to any mobile device. Stream 1080p HD movies, music, photos and transfer files between mobile and USB devices.

A free companion iUSBport app is available on the Apple App Store. Android, Mac and PC software can be downloaded from our website at http://www.hypershop.com

Key Features

Live Viewfinder

  •    Live, large, enhanced viewfinder through your mobile device
  •    Photos shot are instantly and wirelessly sent to nearby mobile devices (e.g. iPad)
  •    Allow client and photographer to make informed corrections on the spot to get the right shot.


Remote Control

  •    Control your camera from afar
  •    Wirelessly control all camera settings (ISO, aperture, shutter, white balance, etc.) directly from your mobile
  •    See live viewfinder feed from the camera on your mobile device as you remotely trigger camera to take
    your picture.
  •   Tap anywhere on the live view screen to refocus camera to that point


Video Recording

  •    Shoot photos and videos remotely with Live View
  •    Remotely start and stop video recording
  •    View actual live video feed during recording
  •    Tap anywhere on screen to refocus video
  •    Ability to stream or transfer recorded video to mobile device


USB Media Streamer

  •    Also connects to any USB flash/hard drive to wirelessly stream media
  •    Stream 1080p HD movies, music, photos, files from USB to mobile devices
  •    Transfer files between mobile devices and USB


Hardware Specs
USB Port: USB 2.0 480 Mbps with 5W Power
Wireless: 802.1 1b/g/n (Access Point and Infrastructure Mode)
Battery: 3300mAh Li-Polymer
Transfer Speed: 3MB/sec
Server: HTTP/FTP/Samba/DLNA/WebDAV
File System:  FAT32/exFAT/NTFS/HFS+

Pricing and Availability
iUSBportCAMERA is available immediately online at http://www.hypershop.com at the starting MSRP of $299.95. For additional information, please visit us online.

About Sanho Corporation
Sanho Corporation designs, manufactures and markets IT accessories with a focus on Apple accessories, portable power and storage.  Sanho is committed to developing cutting edge products with a dedicated focus on performance, quality, value and service, with a sales and marketing office in the U.S. in Silicon Valley, California, a production facility near Shanghai, China, and R&D teams in both countries.

Company Contact
Daniel Chin

Media Contact
Robert Barsanti


Information take from  http://www.hyperblog.com


Anyone with a CameraMator that still has the original firmware can now purchase the App for £17.99 from the App store. Very generous is it not? considering it was £20.99 two days ago.

Shouldn’t a supporting App be a free download. ?

The plot it seems thickens  this unit is destined for the bin…..

The CamRanger seems to be easily winning this battle for wireless tethering, oh and the supporting App to make it useable is a free download, it is a very polished piece of software that works as advertised.

CameraMator Sanho Sues Woodblue

CameraMator Problems

Seems that this KickStarter project has more problems than just no live-veiw or Android app.


Sanho Sues Former Software Developer Partner Wooblue And Wooblue’s CEO Usman Rashid For Unlawful Removal Of CameraMator App From Apple AppStore And For Fraud And Breach Of Contract

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA (February 20, 2013) – Sanho Corporation (“Sanho”) – a leading designer and developer of electronics and electronics accessories – sued Wooblue, Inc. (“Wooblue”) and Wooblue’s CEO, Usman Rashid, for fraud, breach of contract, unfair business practices and other claims in a complaint filed today in Alameda County Superior Court.

“Sanho had no choice but to protect itself and Sanho’s customers after Wooblue and Rashid deliberately and wrongfully disabled the thousands of CameraMator products already in the hands of Sanho’s distributors and customers,” said Sanho President, Daniel Chin. No trial date has yet been set for Sanho’s complaint.

Wooblue and Rashid breached the parties’ development agreement for the CameraMator product and application, which is used with Sanho’s revolutionary Compact Universal Wireless Adapter, (“CUWA”). Sanho’s patent-pending CUWA technology allows a device with a universal serial bus (USB) port (such as a computer, camera, or music player) to communicate wirelessly with other devices, such as a mobile phone or tablet computer. Sanho’s claims arose after Wooblue and Rashid unlawfully removed the CameraMator application from the Apple AppStore and other similar markets. Sanho’s complaint alleges that Wooblue and Rashid took that action knowing that it would harm Sanho’s relationships with its customers and distributors.

After Sanho announced its CUWA technology and made application kits available for developers, Rashid approached Sanho and sought to partner on the development and sale of the CameraMator product and application. According to Sanho’s complaint, after sales of the CameraMator took off following its debut at the most recent CES and Macworld trade shows, Wooblue and Rashid tried to extort more favorable business terms from Sanho by holding Sanho’s customers hostage and taking down the CameraMator application rendering any unsold CameraMator products unusable. Further, by taking down the application, any owners of CameraMator products who did not download the application prior to Wooblue and Rashid removing the application from the AppStore will not be able to use the CameraMator product that they purchased.

Details of the Sanho vs Wooblue/Usman Rashid lawsuit can be found at:



Sanho have now taken over the software side of the Cameramator and renamed it to


all the details can be found HERE a new App and Web App have been released. Support for Mac OSX and an Android App are being released next week.

Good news for anyone who has an early version of this unit.

A firmware update has been released and the software now includes Live-Veiw.

Theatre of Fashion Ebay Seller My Experience

How Ebay Seller Theatre Of Fashion Let Me Down



This post is very of topic, but I am putting it here because it is related to my photography. I was planning a shoot this weekend and

needed a long riding coat for the model. I had searched and could not find the item I needed locally. I then resorted to the internet.

I found a seller on Ebay who seemed to have the very thing I needed.

After exchanging a couple of emails with seller I went on to purchase this Item for £245.00.

The said item arrived on the second day after ordering. I opened the box and lifted out the coat and a button fell off, not too bad, needle and cotton black thread and it would be sorted.

Before I reached for my needle and thread I had a good look at the coat, the quality did not seem as advertised, the belt at the back sagged and the faux pocket covers did not sit well either.

Now if I had paid half that price for this item I would have been disappointed, but at £245.00 I was even more so.

I contacted the seller who promised to refund the money immediately on receipt of the item’s return, so I sent it back Special Delivery next day signed for and tracked.

I had told the seller that I needed the money back A.S.A.P as I would need to source a coat elsewhere and would need that money to do so.Here is the content of the last message I received from them

The spelling and grammar do not belong to me, this is a copy and paste.

hello john
thank you for your message ~ and how sad that you are disappointed. i have sold a number of these exact laura ashley vintage coats at this price and they’ve been really loved by my buyers, so i’m sorry that you are not happy. and our apologies for the button being in the box ~ everything is so carefully checked before shipping, and it was certainly not loose prior to packing ~ i guess it must have come loose in transit somehow. anyway, you are more than welcome to return ~ but please do make sure that the loose button is enclosed also. please return within 7 days completely unworn etc ~ and on receipt i will refund you. when the item arrives with us, i will message you so you know it has arrived. i hope that this resolves the matter for you ~ and that you might visit us again sometime despite things not working out on this occasion


The item was signed for at around 9-30-10-00 Am . I have as yet not received any refund or a reply to my last contact with them.

I have now opened a PayPal dispute and have yet to hear back from the seller.

It seems that a simple thing like issuing a refund is beyond their capabilities.

I am hoping that as many people as possible read this post and it puts at least one person off buying from them.


I have had my money returned from this seller, although not when he first promised to refund it. Also I don’t personally think that it is a favour, having your money returned from a seller

when the item is not correct. I see it as  more of a rule when distance selling is involved. I did though involve Paypal and esculate my dispute to a claim.

PictureCode PhotoNinja

PictureCode PhotoNinja

From the makers of NoiseNinja have unveiled a pre-release version of PhotoNinja 1.02 a trial version can be downloaded here

PhotoNinja Interface
PhotoNinja Interface

I have downloaded and used PhotoNinja for a couple of days now. Initially when you download and install the program

it will not allow you to render any of your raw files out of the program, a quick email to PictureCode requesting a trial key

received a swift reply with a key code for a two weeks trial.

I had occasion to email PictureCode regarding one or two small problems I had

and received quick and detailed replies to my questions.

I really have not used the program long enough yet to come to an absolute conclusion as to  whether this program

is the best raw convertor or indeed the value of it in monetary terms. The cost of PhotoNinja is $129.00 or in Sterling around £79.50.

I can say though that I am enjoying testing the program and hope to have my own review of the program in the next couple of weeks.

PictureCode are also working on a Photoshop plugin for better integration so that an intermediate image does not have to be used

to finish the image in Photoshop itself.

All in all so far I have found the program to have an excellent raw engine which gets very good detail both in the shadow areas and indeed the highlights.

I have found though that the highlight recovery can create a false color, which though can be easily corrected using the tools provided for raw conversion.

PhotoNinja also has NoiseNinja 3 built in which is a very handy noise reduction algorithm for high iso noise in

your images.

Color Correction panel
Color Correction panel

More information can be found at PictureCode.com

The Tutorials page can be found here


Ok so I have been using PhotoNinja with the trial keycode for two weeks and here are a few observations.

The program is very resource intensive. If you work on an image, finish your adjustments and then move on to another image without closing the previous image you worked on, the program will bring your computer to its knees.

Another  thing is the lack of batch processing each image has to be rendered individually.

I can not find any kind of history state in the program which means once an adjustment is made there is no simple way to go back. There is the camera image preview which will show the original and let you compare

the edited version against the original.

The lack of a simple clone tool is also a bit of a bind. a simple dust removal (Spot Healing Tool) would be a welcome addition.

There is a tool for wide angle lens correction, but I found it difficult if not impossible in some images to get lines parallel on architectural type shots.

I am sure that some of these shortcomings will be addressed in future updates, but for the time being these shortcomings do slow down the workflow somewhat.

My trial key runs out tomorrow so I can only adjust images in PhotoNinja and not actually render them.

All these small nitpicks aside the program does an excellent job of getting the best from raw files and I personally prefer them to Phase One’s Capture One Pro renderings, which is a far more expensive, although more comprehensive raw convertor.

PhotoNinja has been updated to Ver 1.02 and can be found here 

The Boy At The Gate

The Boy At The Gate By Danny Ellis

I thought it worth a mention  as

this book will be released in 15 days. the cover image is one of my images licensed through

Good luck to Danny with his book launch

Arcangel Images


Danny Ellis was a survivor, strong and resilient. A successful singer/songwriter, he was proud of the way he’d ‘handled’ his painful past: the grinding poverty of the 1950s Dublin slums, and the brutality of the orphanage, the notorious Artane Industrial School where he was left. He’d safely buried it. Or so he thought.

Then one night, while writing a powerful song that would launch his acclaimed album, 800 Voices, his past came flooding back to haunt him. Long-forgotten memories of betrayal and abandonment burst forth in a shocking revelation: his eight-year-old self was still lost in the orphanage.

Although badly shaken, Danny began a courageous journey that would lead him back to the streets of Dublin, to the tenement slums and, eventually, to the brutality and scallywag shenanigans of the Artane playground. What he found with each twist and turn of his odyssey would change his life for ever.

The Boy at the Gate is a poignant, profoundly moving memoir of forgiveness and redemption, and an inspiring testament to the healing power of music and love.

The book can be pre ordered here for the UK

Elinchrom Eco Ringflash

Elinchrom Eco Ringflash
Elinchrom Eco Ringflash

The Elinchrom Eco Ringflash

 I decided to buy the Elinchrom Ranger Quadra Eco Ringflash for my Ranger Quadra Kit.

It was a decision I made after a lot of consideration about whether to buy another SB910 or something completely different.

In my opinion a ringflash has a lot more uses than just fashion Photography which is where it seems to have been mainly placed.

Macro photography, and uses for fill flash just being two that spring to mind.

I contacted the Flash centre and asked if they had them in stock, which they didn’t, but the guy on the phone said

I will get one down from London for tomorrow and phone you when it arrives. As with my previous experience with the flash centre they did not phone me next day.

I looked around and found one at WEX.

I ordered it online at 6-23Pm and had it in my hands by 7-30 am the next morning, Excellent service.

The Eco Ringflash costs £357.00, which is not much more than the Nikon SB910

Initial impressions are that this thing is light, the body is a plastic or polycarbonate material.

The way the Ringflash attaches to the camera is by way of a main bracket which attaches to the bottom of the camera

with a thumbscrew wheel onto the tripod socket.

Then two bent metal bars attach to that and the ringflash itself with thumbscrews.

Once attached it seems fairly solid, but the alignment with the lens can be a bit fiddly.

The Eco Flash comes with a plastic white diffuser which attaches by a simple push fit and is held on just by friction mainly,

this is not good and when testing the ringflash around the house, just to make sure it worked it fell off twice, maybe a little Blu Tac will help here.

RQ Ringflash ECO Specs & Features:

  • Flash duration with Quadra RX: Outlet A 100%: 1/1000 s // Outlet B 33%: 1/2500 s
  • 2 pole quality flash tube
  • Detachable 2m flash cable
  • White diffuser cap to soften and spread the light
  • The 9.5 cm inner diameter will  accept a wide range of cameras and lenses
  • 400W/s Flash Tube

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Weight: 1 kg

The flash works well and performs as it should on my Quadra pack.

I will be updating this post as I get more use from the flash unit and actually

use it to make some images but initial impressions are not the best I have had from new equipment.

Nikon D3

Nikon D3
Nikon D3 For sale on Ebay.UK

Nikon D3

After much consideration I am selling my Nikon D3 and probably my Nikon D3X, depending on how well my Nikon D800 performs.

I decided to buy a Nikon D800 E and will be posting a review of this camera after some serious testing.

Probably a bit late after all the reviews out there but most of them seem a little biased to me.

My Nikon D3 is up on Ebay and is a UK auction only.

There are no real visible signs of wear and the screens have been covered with GGS glass covers since new

I am selling my  used Nikon D3 Body. The shutter count (Actuations) is very low just 14,227

If your looking for a D3 body this may just fit the bill. All the accessories are wrapped as new never used,except the battery charger and Battery
as I have two sets (Bought Two Bodies).