Lady With Wolf

Lady With  Wolf

After the shoot the other night I have got to editing some more of the images. Lady With Wolf is probably not an Imaginative enough title.

Anyone who can think of something better?

I rather like the outcome of this one, the wolf,moon and the fantastic model helped me create this image.

Lady And The Wolf (Book Cover Photography)
Lady And The Wolf

I always enjoy creating this kind of image, slightly impossible but yet beleivable ?

What do you think too much? or Just enough.

Everybody has their own thoughts about Photoshop edited images but this shot which was taken as the sun fell behind the horizon seems to lend itself to a bit of fantasy editing….

Comments about the image are welcome

The second image in the series of Lady With Wolf

Lady,Lamp And Wolf
Lady,Lamp And Wolf

Maybe not as much going on but I like the completed edit, I still find blending images very  rewarding if the outcome matches the vision of the initial drawing board for which the  image

was created…

TFP/CD Models Always Required

TFP/CD Models Always Required

Young Woman In Green Cloak (TFP/CD Models Always Required)
Young Woman In Green Cloak
TFP/CD Models Always Required
Light-play TFP/CD Shoot

Working for time is a co-operation for mutual benefit:
The model puts in her (his) time, resources and effort and the photographer does the same.
No money changes hands. Both, the model and the photographer cover their own expenses and benefit from each other’s skills and talents.
The model’s fee consists of photographic images.
Typically, the photographs are supplied as digital files, either on CD (time for CD or TFCD), for download from the photographer’s website (TFDL, time for download) or, rarely nowadays, as prints (PFT or prints for time, sometimes also called TFP time for prints).

This is a really good way for models to build a portfolio and of course for me to get new models for photographic shoots.

Woodland Scene (Woman In Cloak)
Woodland Scene

Themed shoots can be fun also, so any costumery or outfits you have, for say Vintage shoots or fantasy themed shoots, bring them along plus your own ideas are always welcomed.

Girl Sat On Wall
Girl Sat On Wall

If you are interested contact me !!

More Snow

More Snow

More snow fell overnight yet again causing chaos on the roads, but as always it offers a good opportunity for a Photograph.

A-walk-In-The-Park (book Cover Images)

Stock Image

The snow offers a good setting for taking images while out and about, so long

as you get in before it turns to slush and goes an awful colour of brown.

This image was taken in North Yorkshire.

If venturing out in the snow remember to take

all the usual precautions.

Warm clothing and always carry a flask of hot coffee in the car.

Morning Walk

 Morning Walk

an image of a woman walking on lonely rural road
Early Morning Walk

This image of a woman taking an early morning walk or is it at dusk?, on a rural road is a stock image

of mine which can be licensed through RedEdge Images.

This is one of many images I have now taken with my Nikon D800E. I am really getting to like this camera.

The images it is capable of producing are  excellent  in both sharpness and colour.

The light in this particular image was faithfully reproduced in camera, creating the almost painting like look of the old masters style.

The shine on the road was also faithfully reproduced

The frost on the lean to roof and the smoke coming from the country cottage chimney are exactly as they looked when I pressed the shutter.

This particular day I had accidentally left the settings in the camera at  jpg fine, which I normally never do as I like to edit my images from raw files.

The white balance was in auto, also something I usually never do, I prefer a manual white balance.

I was pleasantly surprised at the results.

Maybe the jpg settings should be used more often !!

RedEdge Images

Two images from my small collection at RedEdge Images

RedEdge Images

RedEdge Images now represent a new collection of my images for creative stock specifically for book covers.

I have now submitted images and been accepted as a contributor at  RedEdge Images

My as yet small collection can be seen at this url

 Red Edge images is a boutique image library which evolved from The Gailans Collection to supply high quality images to publishers worldwide, mainly for fiction book covers.

I am looking forward to working with RedEdge images in the future and building a good and saleable collection of book cover images.

“At Red Edge, we don’t like ‘stock photography’. What we like is original photography with a commissioned feel to most of the images. We love atmospheric, evocative, eye-catching, creative photography. But that should come as no surprise since both the partners are photographers with many years experience of photography for publishing and advertising.”

Alone On The Moors

Alone On the Moors
Alone On the Moors

Alone On The Moors

Alone on the Moors is an image I created to show some drama and mystery and to make people wonder why.

Have you ever driven along a quiet road and seen someone walking along miles from anywhere? Wondered what they were doing or where they had been?

Maybe where they were going and what for?

This image was my attempt to re-create these thoughts and add an air of mystery and intrigue.

The clouds were perfect collecting together and looking as if a storm was on the way, the long road and the empty Moorland.

maybe the image produces a different reaction in your mind, things usually do mean different things to different people.

Hopefully an air of mystery is in there.

The image was edited and toned in Capture One 6 and taken with a Nikon D3X.

The image can be licensed through

Arcangel Images


Watching The Sunrise
Sunrise (Stock Image)


An image that was created at the North Yorkshire coast early one morning, this image became one of my favourites from this shoot.

The talent wasn’t posing it was just a grab shot as I was setting up my camera.

The silhouetted grass and the pale sun just appealed to my artistic side.

It was a very cold morning even though the image looks as if it was warm. The model still had her coat on, and was looking

out to sea to check the tide movement. the sun had actually beaten me that morning, it was forecast to rise a good twenty minutes later than it actually did.

The bits of light on the grass in the hillock in the foreground are from my flash as there was plenty of dew on the ground.

I usually like to get some images in with the pre-dawn light but as I said that morning we had missed that unfortunately.

Camera used was a Nikon D3X and a 14-24mm 2.8 Nikon lens.

Edited in Nikon Capture NX2

the image can be licensed through

Trevillion Images

Long Walk Home


Long Walk Home

This image was someone else’s idea, and I assume most photographers will realise that during a photo session

trying to understand exactly what someone wants in an image is to say the least difficult sometimes.

Anyway being an accommodating kind of guy  I tried to follow the on the fly instructions for the requested image as best I could.

There was drama in the sky and the long road ahead over the moors, nice light so after a few images I got back to what the intended shoot was all about.

When I got home I loaded the images onto my computer and began the normal culling of the lousy images such as missed focus, blurry images and just no good images.

I nearly deleted this image but I then remembered the request that had inspired the shot, so I set about editing it.

This is the image I finished up with. It is an image I kinda like, mainly because of the drama in the light and sky.

After I had looked at it for awhile and considered the many meanings the image could have it grew on me.

Most of all the client liked it so that’s all that matters in the end.

This image can be licensed through

Arcangel Images

Mysterious Woodland

Mystery Woodland
Mysterious Woodland

This image can be licensed through

Trevillion Images 

Mysterious Woodland

Mysterious woodland is an image that came about while testing the Pocket Wizard Flex TTL 5 radio set with a

Nissin Di 866 Mark 2. I wanted to see how they worked together even though the flash is not supported by the

Pocket Wizards, at least not on the Nikon fit sets.

I purchased the Nissin after destroying two expensive Nikon flashes on a shoot out on the North Yorkshire moors.

It was a very windy day and the flashes were mounted on solid light stands that were pegged down also.

A gust of wind took them both over at the same time and smashed the feet and the casing of both flashes.

I like using speedlights on location but decided if I am going to keep breaking them then cheaper versions may do the job.

by the way if you are thinking to yourself ” he should have had these insured”

they were but as we all know claiming for equipment does put your premiums up, so I decided to buy the Nissin’s and avoid a claim for now.

In TTL mode the flashes fire at full power but do observe the HSS protocol. Using the AC3 controller the flashes can be brought down by 3 stops

but using the manual mode on the AC3 and setting the flash on TTL gives more control.

At this moment in time I am wondering if the Phottix Odins would have been a better choice.

Anyway I tested the Pocket Wizards at a few distances and settings and found that it is not too difficult to work

around their shortcomings.

Pocket Wizard have stated to me that they may well include more support for third party flashes at a later date,

I suppose they have enough on their plate working on the existing problems they have with these radio triggers.

So as I say the image was created from the tests I did to see if they would work well enough to be viable with my setup and all in all

weren’t too bad, but at times shots were still being missed because of unexplainable erratic behaviour with this setup.

The camera used was a Nikon D3x, I have not as yet tried this combination with my Nikon D880E but hope to

test them out this coming weekend.

Stormy Skies

Stormy Skies
Stormy Skies

Stormy Skies

While out early one morning touring around bored looking for something to create images from, I came across this scene.

The road was soaking as it had been raining hard all night. the sky looked incredible, lit up by the pre dawn light (This was 4-30am) the stormy skies were perfect.

The reds and yellows with the black cloud ready to engulf the sun as it rose up over the horizon.

The mist over the valley to the right of the image lit up an orange red all showing the poor weather was still in control.

My camera was placed on the tripod, I set the white balance and exposure took a couple of tests shots.

The camera timer was set and I ran up the road, why the stance is as it is I don’t know, but I liked it.

I managed a few more shots and the sky turned drab,dull and the rain poured down again, good old British weather.

Taken with a Nikon D3X.

This image can be licensed through

Arcangel Images