Alone On The Moors

Alone On the Moors
Alone On the Moors

Alone On The Moors

Alone on the Moors is an image I created to show some drama and mystery and to make people wonder why.

Have you ever driven along a quiet road and seen someone walking along miles from anywhere? Wondered what they were doing or where they had been?

Maybe where they were going and what for?

This image was my attempt to re-create these thoughts and add an air of mystery and intrigue.

The clouds were perfect collecting together and looking as if a storm was on the way, the long road and the empty Moorland.

maybe the image produces a different reaction in your mind, things usually do mean different things to different people.

Hopefully an air of mystery is in there.

The image was edited and toned in Capture One 6 and taken with a Nikon D3X.

The image can be licensed through

Arcangel Images

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