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So after reading all the hype placed and found all over the internet, statements including “Photoshop Killer” and “Pro photo editing app” I decided to buy Affinity Photo MAS (Mac App Store) version.

I have to admit that I was not as struck as everyone else by Affinity Photo capabilities. The raw development module is seriously lacking and seems to produce very flat and lacklustre images. I am not the only one who has noticed this.

The noise reduction is far from any good as is also most of the raw module.

I will continue to use Phase One Capture Pro 8 for my raw editing.

Affinity Photo Raw Module

Affinity Photo Raw Module

The user interface is ok and quite intuitive but the results in my opinion are not yet up to speed or offer anything like the results of Photoshops raw module.

Camera profiles have a place slot in the bottom right hand corner but are as yet are not implemented  (Beta 1.3.5).

I could go on about the things that hold this program back for me  but seriously I do not (as yet) beleive it rates a full review.

Things that are taken for granted in Photoshop and other programs take some working around in Affinity Photo, things such as saving for the web offer no preview image before saving by no means being the one of major missing functions.

Serif offer support and help through their forums at  Affinity Photo Forum where users can report bugs and give feature requests, and get answers from the Serif team and other users.

Affinity Photo may have been five years in the making but in my opinion is not yet ready for serious editing and output in volume, it may well serve to fill a gap in the market for Photographers who are not having to work to a deadline or work quickly to produce a volume of images for clients in a rushing doesn’t deserve the hype it is being given.

Affinity Photo also has a Photoshop Plugins function that works not very well or not at all. Plugins such as the Nik/Google collection do not work unless they have the effex prefix in their title, even these work very slowly and do not save the image back into Affinity as a layer on top of the image as in Photoshop.

Photoshop actions have no place either, although Serif say that a macro Persona will be added for users to save frequently used editing steps.

These of course are just my thoughts and opinions and I am sure others will have different views, maybe mine will change over time as the App progresses.

The price of Affinity Photo App is £39.99 which is cheap, but to use the updated beta programs the MAS. version must be installed. I can’t help thinking that in a way for your money you are paying to test out the new features implemented in the Beta versions and give bug reports back to    Serif.

My reccomendation for now at least would be to continue the search for a polished photo editing app.



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