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Book Cover Photography

Cover Images

Book Cover Photography

Seeing your image on a book cover jacket actually on sale in bookstores is extremely rewarding.

book cover photography is extremely difficult in many ways.

Knowing what picture buyers or designers want in an image is difficult mainly because unless you are commissioned to shoot a particular photograph for an upcoming book.

How would you know in advance the best image to fit the title

So you must produce many images of many different items, people or situations in the hope one of the images will be chosen for a particular book cover.

This website is my way of reaching those particular people in positions to commission book cover photography for a particular need

It may well be a long shot and I suppose there are many other avenues to explore yet.

After a long break (well over a year) due to the death of my partner, whom I was with for nearly thirty years, I now hope to get back to the work I love, Photography

I already sell my images through these creative image agencies,

Trevillion Images


Arc-Angel Images

I have made sales through these agencies and I have a selection of these images  on my published work page.

Latest Book Covers June    2017 by Coverimages



Book Cover Images

                                                    Book Cover Images by Coverimages


A Recent Book Cover From One of My Images (Book Cover Image)

A Recent Book Cover From One of My Images (Book Cover Image)


A Recent Book Cover From One of My Images

A Recent Book Cover From One of My Images (Book Cover Image)


Lady And Lamp (book cover photography)

Lady And Lamp


Edwardian Woman With Lamp (Book Cover Photography)

Edwardian Woman With Lamp








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